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Grand Galleria
The Grand Galleria Framed Art & Calligraphic Prose

Small pieces of framed art and calligraphic prose by Terrilynn Quick

These are small pieces of framed art and calligraphic prose. You may choose any frame from the samples shown below.

Each piece is custom made and framed to order. All items are double matted with a cream top mat and a complementary liner mat and framed in either gold or silver frames of your choosing. Please allow 3 to 5 working days for completion.

Price: $50 plus shipping (order framed art and prose)

Please click any thumbnail for larger view.

The Grand Galleria

The Grand Galleria
740 Metcalf Street, Suite 32A
Escondido, California 92025
Phone: 760-489-1898

Custom picture framing, gourmet mustard & epicurean delights, calligraphic art.
Escondido, California.

"The oldest established frame shop in Escondido."
Crafting custom picture frames since 1981.

A collaboration of two creative souls

The Grand Galleria in Escondido, California, is a collaboration of two creative souls: Brian Tucker and his custom picture framing talents, epicurean mustard; and artist Terrilynn and her mixed media, social justice art, and calligraphic mixed media yearly calendars.

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